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"Meta-analysis and systematic review of interventional therapy versus anticoagulation for isolated femoropopliteal deep venous thrombosis"

"Feb 2019"

"Treatments to prevent primary venous ulceration after deep venous thrombosis"

"Jan 2019"

"Treatment pattern of consecutive patients with chronic venous disease"

"Dec 2018"

"Assessing radiation exposure to patients during endovascular treatment of chronic venous obstruction"

"Nov 2018"

"Vein Size and Disease Severity in Chronic Venous Diseases"

"Oct 2018"

The Center for Vein Restoration Study on presenting symptoms, treatment modalities, and outcomes in Medicare-eligible patients with chronic venous disorders

"Sep 2018"

Chylothorax secondary to venous outflow obstruction treated with transcervical retrograde thoracic duct cannulation with embolization & venous reconstruction

"Aug 2018"

An update on the currently available nonthermal ablative options in the management of superficial venous disease

"June 2018"

The hemodynamic effects of pregnancy on the lower extremity venous system

"May 2018"

Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Points for the Management of Venous Ulcers Erratum

"April 2018"

Association of Varicose Veins With Incident Venous Thromboembolism and Peripheral Artery Disease

"March 2018"

Portal vein reconstruction using primary anastomosis or venous interposition allograft in pancreatic surgery

"January 2018"

Baseline factors affecting closure of venous leg ulcers.

"December 2017"

Prospective study of safety and effectiveness in the use of radiofrequency ablation for incompetent great saphenous vein $12 mm

"November 2017"

Patient-centered outcomes of a dual action pneumatic compression device in comparison to compression stockings for patients with chronic venous disease

"October 2017"

An update on the currently available nonthermal ablative options in the management of superficial venous disease

"September 2017"

A systematic review and meta-analysis of two novel techniques of nonthermal endovenous ablation of the great saphenous vein

"August 2017"

Diagnosis and management of the venous malformations of Klippel-Trénaunay syndrome

"July 2017"

Evaluation of thrombolysis using tissue plasminogen activator in lower extremity deep venous thrombosis with concomitant femoral-popliteal venous segment involvement

23rd june, 2017

Deep Venous Thrombosis associated with caval extension of iliac stents

10th May, 2017

Abdominal and Pubic collateral veins as indicators of Deep Venous Obstruction

April, 2017

Thermoablation using the hedgehog technique for complex recurrent venous reflux patterns

Jan 2017

Cost Analysis & Implications of Routine Deep Venous Thrombosis Duplex Ultrasound Scanning after Endovenous Ablation

"Jan 2017"

Congenital absence of the inferior vena cava with iliofemoral acute DVT

"Dec 2016"

Value of delayed duplex ultrasound assessment after endothermal ablation of the great saphenous vein

"14 Oct 2016"

Arterialization and anomalous vein wall remodeling in varicose veins is associated with upregulated FoxC2-Dll4 pathway

"13 Sept 2016"

A novel method of edema fluid drainage in obstructive lymphedema of limbs by implantation of hydrophobic silicone tubes

"1 Sept 2016"

The Incidence & Outcome of DVT After Endovenous Laser Ablation

"1 January 2016"

The controversy of managing calf vein thrombosis

"23 November 2015"


"12 November 2015"

Deep venous reconstructive surgery

"19 October 2015"

Algorithm-based approach to management of venous leg ulceration

"29 September 2015"

Dr Miguel Lo Vuolo launched his new book " Venous Ultrasound A comprehensive approach"

"06 August 2015"

Duplex Ultrasound Investigation of the Veins of the Lower Limbs after Treatment for Varicose Veins UIP Consensus Document

"25 July 2015"


"March 28, 2015"

Risk factors related to the failure of venous leg ulcers to heal with compression treatment

"24 February 2015"

Nomenclature of the veins of the lower limb: Extensions, refinements, and clinical application

"20 Jan 2015"